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Food processing

The SyamaDynamic group ventured into the food processing segment with the objective of serving good food with great love.if we pick the right ingredients, so we set out to create a new range of food products that spread joy and good health in great measure.


Syama Dynamic Foods

Syama Dynamic Foods is the latest development in the ventures of the group. We have setup a 10,000 sqft bakery production unit in Kochi and in Kayamkulam a full-fledged factory with ultramodern equipments which can cater to all bakery products for mass production.

Our baked products will have variety of cakes, cookies, rusks, variety of breads etc. The bakery is just a start of the food processing business. We have bought a company called “IRIS” which is a 30 year old brand with various bakery products and tea time snacks, which will help us do the volumes and give us the chain of networks for more innovative products. Expanding on our expertise, we have launched Dulcinea Gourmet Bakes, premium bakery outlets with a goal of serving delightful& wholesome fresh fare across major cities in Kerala.


We believe even something indulgent like snacking can be made healthy



Syama Dynamic Group recently ventured into the food processing sector. Our primary focus will be on healthy products for the impulse-snacking market segment. The year 2014 will see the launch of our “Nutrisnax” range of products. Also in the pipeline is a chain of bakery outlets spanning major cities across Kerala. Our ultimate objective is nationwide distribution under the Syama brand name. 


With a top-of-the-line and state-of-the-art production facility following global best practices and safety standards, our products will add a new exciting flavor to the existing horizon of products in the impulse snacking market.